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Certified Document Shredding

Certified Document Shredding

Documents containing private or confidential information are created daily by businesses and individuals. Canadian legislative institutions of all levels develop and update laws that regulate information management practices, to protect individuals and businesses e.g. the Privacy Act, Federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), and Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). We understand that managing private and confidential information in a compliant manner is evidently a winning strategy for both businesses and their clients.

Our AAA NAID Certified secure document shredding service guarantees the legal compliance and confidentiality of all your information. You can trust us: once your documents are destroyed, we issue a Certification of Destruction letting you know your documents were properly destroyed under AAA NAID specifications.

For your convenience, we offer both Scheduled and One-Time Shredding Services. At RecordXpress, ultimate flexibility, adaptable services, and certified security are our everyday guarantees.

Why use a Document Shredding Service?

Securely destroying your business information is as important as its safekeeping while in use.

In-house office shredders cannot handle large volumes or materials such as binders, clips, and covers. Too much valuable time is spent sifting through piles of documents and feeding them into small office shredders, resulting in productivity loss and added expenses for your organization. RecordXpress equipment is designed to seamlessly destroy large volumes of material in a matter of seconds.

Outsourcing your document destruction requirements reduces the risk of internal breaches associated with the handling of documents by those responsible for shredding. Information destruction at RecordXpress happens quickly, in large volumes, with very little handling by our CSRs. The shredded documents are also mixed with material from different organizations, making it impossible to reconstruct confidential information. This is not the case with small office shredders, making outsourcing the safest choice for your business.

Service Types

In-House Shredding
If you store records at our facility, we will send you a list of records due for destruction based on the retention period provided for your review and authorization. Upon your approval, we will retrieve the boxes, shred them to your specifications.

One-Time Shredding
If you don’t store boxes at our facility, you can drop them off at any of our Records Centres. Alternatively, we can pick them up from your location and securely transport your boxes to our facility for shredding.

Scheduled Shredding
For scheduled destruction services, RecordXpress installs securely locked consoles on your premises that hold specially designed green drawstring nylon bags. These consoles offer uncompromising protection, with an innovative 1.5 inch feed slot capable of accepting up to 400 pages of paper at one time. Only authorized individuals within your business can unlock the consoles to access the deposited materials.

On a predetermined schedule, a screened and insured RecordXpress Customer Service Representative will pick up the green bags from the consoles, seal them, and transport the bags to our truck. A new green bag is placed in the console prior to locking it, all the while ensuring minimal disruption to your workplace. RecordXpress’ Crosscut Technology securely shreds documents to pieces smaller than 5/8th of an inch (two centimeters). Shredded paper is then baled for recycling into an assortment of different paper products.

RecordXpress provides console and/or bin services that can be scheduled for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on-call frequencies to match your needs.

Purge (Bulk) Shredding
In addition to a predetermined schedule for shredding pickup, we also offer call-in shredding services. From time to time, organizations may find that they need additional document destruction services, and RecordXpress is here to accommodate. This type of service is often requested by organizations in connection with an office move or when archived files are no longer needed.

For impromptu purge services, materials are placed in either an organization’s own bins or boxes or RecordXpress’ secure mobile plastic bins. The client’s containers and/or bins are transported to RecordXpress for secure destruction.

Non-Paper Destruction
For our clients who have information stored in non-paper formats, RecordXpress has developed secure processes to destroy typical office storage materials such as diskettes, CDs, video, DVDs, Hard Disk Drives, and audio tapes. Our unique onsite shredders have the technology and power to break down everything from fabric to plastic, electronics to metals. RecordXpress recognizes that if materials are not disposed of safely and securely, the financial investment of your research and development, the integrity of your brand image, and the loyalty of your customers could be at risk.

Non-Paper Destruction:
▪ Computer backups
▪ X-rays
▪ Hard disk drives
▪ Videotapes
▪ Cassette tapes
▪ Casino chips
▪ Product samples
▪ Prototypes

Non-Document Destruction:
▪ Cheques
▪ Currency
▪ Playing cards
▪ Promotional coupons
▪ Cardboard
▪ Lottery tickets

If you would like to witness the shredding of your documents, please indicate this request when contacting us and we will schedule a live in-person or secure online viewing. To guarantee that your documents are destroyed accordingly, we take the following security precautions:

• Only authorized client personnel can request destructions (of boxes are stored at RecordXpress) and this must be accompanied with a valid password and signature.
• Destruction List of client material provided for review and approval before shredding process is initiated.
• All employees undergo enhanced Criminal Background Checks upon hiring and routinely throughout their tenure, and are also bonded upon employment.
• Physical and system audit of shredding material by barcode verification as a measure of protection against accidental destruction.
All shredding services are accompanied with a Certificate of Destruction as a confirmation of material that was destroyed.

Interested in hosting a Shred Event? Get in touch with us today and we would be happy to support your cause. We are passionate in supporting local communities and contributing to the awareness on recycling and reducing carbon emissions.

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