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Certified Document Shredding

Certified Document Shredding

Every day, there are documents with sensitive and confidential information waiting to be safely shredded and destroyed in a way that is certified by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID), in compliance with the existing Canadian information management regulations. If you’re looking to securely dispose of sensitive documents for your organization or even individually, you may wish to engage a professional, AAA NAID-certified secure document shredding service instead of going with in-house office shredding.

Here’s why:

Peace of Mind: Entrusting record shredding or document destruction to certified providers offers peace of mind knowing that sensitive information is being handled and disposed of securely and responsibly, as certified shredding services adhere to industry standards, data protection regulations and certifications. This way, organizations can mitigate the risks of internal breaches, corporate espionage, non-compliance penalties and legal liabilities associated with improper disposal of confidential information.

Secure Chain of Custody: Certified corporate shredding services employ strict security measures to protect sensitive information throughout the shredding process. From collection to document destruction, certified providers adhere to industry best practices for secure shredding with a clear chain of custody documentation for all shredded materials to safeguard confidential data and prevent unauthorized access or disclosure. This ensures accountability and transparency in the handling of sensitive information.

Efficient Paper Shredding Services: Certified paper destruction services use industrial-grade shredding equipment to handle large volumes of materials and ensure complete destruction of documents beyond recognition. Instead of spending valuable time feeding piles of documents into small office shredders, a professional document destruction service can do the job for you in a matter of seconds. In addition, documents shredded by these dedicated corporate shredding services are also mixed with documents from other organizations, making them impossible to reconstruct, hence making outsourcing the safest choice for your business.

Environmental Cause: Certified paper shredding services often prioritize environmental sustainability by recycling shredded materials whenever possible. Shredded paper is typically recycled into new paper products, reducing the environmental impact of document disposal and promoting sustainable practices.

Interested in hosting a Mobile Shredding Event and raising awareness on secure information management, while contributing to environmental sustainability? Get in touch with us today and we would be happy to support your cause!

What We Offer:

At RecordXpress, our AAA NAID-certified secure document shredding services guarantee the legal compliance and confidentiality of all your data from collection to document destruction. Once the data destruction is completed, we will issue a Certification of Destruction as confirmation that your documents have been properly destroyed under AAA NAID specifications.

For your convenience, here are the different types of record shredding services we have developed to cater to varying needs:

In-house shredding: For the records stored in our facility, we will send you a list of those due for destruction based on their retention period indicated during storage. With the approval of authorized client personnel, we will retrieve these records for in-house shredding according to your specifications. Only authorized client personnel can request the destruction of records stored at RecordXpress and the approval must be accompanied by a valid password and signature. A physical and system audit of the materials due to be shredded will be conducted via barcode verification as a measure to prevent accidental destruction.

One-time shredding: For the records not stored in our facility, you can drop them off at any of our Records Centres or arrange for us to pick them up from your location and safely transport them to our facility for shredding.

On-site mobile document shredding: Organizations may schedule an appointment to arrange for mobile shredding services on-site with our mobile shredding trucks, each equipped with an industrial-grade shredder capable of shredding large volumes of documents quickly and efficiently. This allows clients to witness the mobile paper shredding process and verify that their documents are being securely destroyed.

Non-paper destruction: Other than paper shredding services, we have developed secure processes to destroy typical office storage drives as well. Our unique onsite shredders have the technology and power to break down everything from fabric to plastic, electronics to metals.
Non-paper materials for destruction: CD-ROMs/CD-Rs/DVDs, computer backups, X-rays, hard disk drives, video tapes, cassette tapes, casino chips, product samples and prototypes.
Non-document materials for destruction: Cheques, currency, playing cards, promotional coupons, cardboard and lottery tickets.

Purge (bulk) shredding: From time to time, organizations may find that they need to purge a substantial volume of archived files that are no longer needed. For such impromptu purge services, materials are either placed in the organization’s bins or RecordXpress’ secure mobile plastic bins, and safely transported to RecordXpress for secure destruction.

Scheduled shredding: For scheduled destruction services, RecordXpress installs securely locked consoles/bins on your premises for depositing materials due for shredding on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on-call basis, based on your needs.

What We Do (for Scheduled Shredding):

1. Securely locked consoles/bins are installed on your premises, each holding a specially designed green drawstring nylon bag.

2. Materials due for shredding are deposited in these consoles, each offering uncompromising protection with an innovative 1.5-inch feed slot capable of accepting up to 400 pages of paper at one time. Only authorized individuals within your business can unlock the consoles to access the deposited materials.

3. On a predetermined schedule (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly), a screened and insured RecordXpress customer service representative (CSR) will pick up the green bags from the consoles, seal them, and transport the bags to our truck.

4. A new green bag is placed in each console before locking it, all the while ensuring minimal disruption to your workplace.

5. The green bags are securely transported to RecordXpress’ facility, where our crosscut technology shreds documents to pieces no bigger than 5/8th of an inch (or two centimeters).

6. Shredded paper is then baled for recycling into an assortment of different paper products.

7. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction, confirming the documents have been properly destroyed under AAA NAID specifications.

If you would like to witness the shredding of your documents, please indicate this request when contacting us and we will schedule a live in-person or secure online viewing.

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