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In a dynamic sector like energy, companies are challenged by changing economic and sociopolitical landscapes. In that environment, significant and timely access to information is imperative to decision makers, as it keeps them relevant and competitive.  

At RecordXpress, we understand these needs and support your priorities by providing you 24/7 access to your records, whether they are physical or digital.

Let us take care of the Offsite Document Storage. That way you can focus on matters that matter most to you – building and running your energy sector business.

Records & Sample Management needs in the Energy Sector

• Drill Core Sample Storage
Climate-Controlled Vault Storage
24/7 Access to Records & Samples
Document Scanning and Imaging
• Secure Document Shredding

Energy Document Management and Sample Storage

Our facilities and personnel are equipped to properly index and store drill core samples, freeing up valuable space that could be used for other aspects of your operations, while driving operating costs down.

Your geoscience team can be confident that drill core samples will be stored in optimum conditions to protect sample integrity. As well, they can be readily retrieved for review as required.

Combining both drill core sample and document storage services results in a centralized solution you can depend on. It allows you to make decisions and enhancements on producing assets when discovering new opportunities.  

Experience Premium Records Management with RecordXpress

• Secure and Climate-Controlled Archive and Vault Storage
NAID-Certified Document Shredding
• Scan-On-Demand
24/7 Online Access through 'My Account' Web Portal
• Standard and Expedited Delivery

Document Delivery Service Levels Scan-On-Demand - We store all your physical records – then scan and deliver what you need at your request.  

Need a physical copy of your document quickly? You decide the method of document retrieval, and we provide you with what you need in a timely, and secure manner. Our operations team has the resources needed to get you what you need, fast.  

Depending on your urgency, you choose our digital Scan-on-Demand service, delivery service with same-day rush, standard next-day, or scheduled pickup/delivery options – with RecordXpress, you will never have to worry about accessing your records when you need them.  

Energy Records & Sample Indexing  

We provide secure, reliable, and seamless client experience with our industry-leading Records and Information Management system, coupled with barcode tracking, GPS vehicle traceability, routine personnel background verification, and continuous staff training.  

Access your inventory quickly when you need it through our 24/7 web-accessible platform, which allows you to request a file, box, or other material. You can also email or call our local branch and have one of our friendly representatives assist you.    

On-site review
Need access to multiple files all at once? You have the option of utilizing our free private viewing room facility to view your records. Schedule a visit with your local RecordXpress branch available at all locations across Canada.    

Candid, economical pricing
Our clients value our fair, transparent, equitable methods of pricing. We wish to make this process clear, easy, and without stress for you. Free, zero-obligation quotes are available so that you can understand exactly what to expect from us.

Are you currently in a contract with a different company?  
Our sector specialists and operations team are eager to work with you at all steps of the way to ensure a smooth transition. To help better manage your exit costs, we evaluate and consider purchasing your contract so that you can experience the benefits that come with working alongside us, as soon as possible.


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