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Vault storage caters to the secure safekeeping of important physical assets such as sensitive documents and records, priceless artifacts, precious metals, exquisite jewelry, rare artwork, and other valuable or irreplaceable items. These items may have historical, cultural, financial, or sentimental value and they require special care to protect their integrity while prolonging longevity.

What We Offer

At RecordXpress, our offsite vital records storage facilities and services are specifically designed to provide maximum security for valuable assets. These facilities and services include:

Segregation between vital records storage and media storage, i.e., wills, titles and deeds, confidential contracts, and aged ledgers are stored separately in a secure document storage vault, away from the media vault used to store a wide variety of film, optical media, audio and video tapes, backup tapes, hard drives, microfiche, microfilm, source codes, and more.

Independently reinforced internal structure specially constructed from steel and cinder block that is access-limited to select trained personnel.

Climate-controlled environment with humidity and temperature control systems in place for vault document storage to ensure it is free of static, acid and dust.

24/7 surveillance of document storage vault supported by an alarm system that triggers e-mail and phone alerts in the event of a systems failure.

State-of-the-art FIREFLEX® 1230 integrated system that can be adapted for use in any mission-critical facility requiring a clean extinguishing agent that is not only fast and efficient, but also safe for people and the environment.

Enterprise-wide operational standard for vault document management that allows us to provide immediate, effective, and consistent support to any branch that has experienced a major disruption to its operations.
Disaster Preparedness and Recovery System that significantly reduces the risk of your documents and/or assets being damaged in the event of a disaster as our Support Centre will divert the appropriate assets to other locations to ensure that our clients in the impacted area receive uninterrupted high-quality service.
Duplicate operating equipment stored offsite so that any equipment or major technology that is destroyed in an unforeseen event can be replaced immediately.
Generators and an American Power Conversion (APC) system set in place to ensure an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
Readily available facilities and equipment to deploy immediately to assist one another in case vehicles or amenities are damaged, destroyed, or incapacitated.

By storing your assets offsite in a highly secure vault storage that is equipped with the proper conditions to preserve them, organizations can mitigate the risks of asset degradation, vandalism, theft and unauthorized access, hence providing your vital records storage with an extra layer of safeguarding. This in turn protects your business and your clients in years to come.


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