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Offsite Document Storage

Storing business records and information safely and securely is vital for any organization. From boxes of personal data files to an entire data center filled with trade secrets, choosing offsite document storage can significantly enhance your organization’s security, efficiency, compliance and scalability.

Here’s how:
Better Security: A well-equipped offsite document storage facility offers state-of-the-art security measures, including surveillance cameras, access controls, and alarm systems. It ensures a secure chain of custody from document collection to storage and destruction towards the end of their life cycle. By storing your documents offsite, you minimize the risk of theft, unauthorized access, and loss due to mishandling. Even in the event of a disaster or emergency, you can rest assured knowing that your vital documents are safely stored offsite and can be quickly recovered to minimize downtime and mitigate risks to your business operations.

Higher Efficiency: Offsite document storage services often include a comprehensive tracking system that allows convenient access to your documents whenever you need them. With advanced indexing and retrieval systems, you can quickly locate and retrieve specific files without the hassle of sifting through cluttered file cabinets or storage rooms. Offsite file storage also eliminates the need for expensive office space dedicated to storing files and records, so you can free up valuable real estate and reduce overhead costs associated with maintaining onsite storage facilities.

Full Compliance: Many industries are subject to strict regulations regarding the storage and handling of sensitive information. A secure offsite records storage provider is well-versed in compliance requirements and can help ensure that your document management practices meet regulatory standards, reducing the risk of penalties and legal liabilities.

Scalability and Flexibility: Offsite storage solutions are highly scalable, allowing you to adjust your storage capacity as your organization expands. Whether you need to store a few boxes or thousands of documents, offsite storage providers can accommodate your evolving needs without requiring significant investments in additional infrastructure or resources.

What We Offer

At RecordXpress, your documents and records are safe the moment you place them in our hands. Our full range of offsite storage solutions include:

Best-in-class information management systems and records centers built on state-of-the-art records and information management (RIM) technology to maintain a secure chain of custody and allow clients to monitor their records online 24/7 via 'My Account' web portal.
Facilities that are specially configured for maximum security with zone-limited access, 24/7 surveillance, fire suppression controls, counter-intrusion systems, disaster prevention and recovery systems, and backup power generators to safeguard your valuable records.
Private viewing room access to review multiple files and documents by simply scheduling a visit with your local RecordXpress branch.
Thorough background checks, multi-stage account verification and access restrictions on all employees handling your records to ensure 100% security of your valuable information.
Entirely local offsite records storage with all our servers on Canadian soil and all our client data held within Canadian borders, housed in server farms that are triple-mirrored for redundancy across the country.
Flexible and convenient pickup and delivery with a choice of:
Regular: Order before 4pm for next-day delivery by 5pm.
Half-Day (available within 20km of RecordXpress facility): Order before 4pm for next-day delivery by noon. Orders placed by 11am will be delivered by 5pm the same day.
Rush (available within 20km of RecordXpress facility): Complete delivery within 2–3 hours of order receipt.
After Hours (available within 20km of RecordXpress facility): Available between 4pm and 9am for delivery within 4 hours, including weekends and holidays

What We Do

1- Understand your storage needs, compliance requirements and records retention policies.
2- Develop custom-made offsite storage solutions for your company: active file management or box storage.
3- Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) arrive at the client’s premises to pick up and catalogue documents.
4- CSRs use handheld scanners to scan files and/or boxes on-site during pick-up.
5- Files and/or boxes receive barcode stickers for cross-referencing and the CSR provides the client with a printed receipt.
6- Client documents/records are transported in a secured vehicle to the RecordXpress document storage facility.
7- Upon arrival, the CSR scans the documents/records again to verify safe receipt.
8- All documents/records are processed by a RecordXpress associate via state-of-the-art RIM technology - Total Recall.


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