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Media Storage and Management

RecordXpress recognizes the changing needs of a digital world. These days, confidential information is often stored in non-paper formats which in turn are subject to similar data privacy regulations. However, storage of data-containing electronic media requires the additional need for a climate-controlled, static-, acid-, and dust-free environment to preserve its integrity and longevity.

Offsite Media Storage

Offsite media storage helps protect your business operations from interruption and keeps your electronic data secure. Our Vault Storage facilities are equipped to store a wide array of materials including film, audio and video tapes, hard drives, microfiche, microfilm, source codes, and more. This media-friendly environment is specially constructed as an internal and independent structure from steel and cinder block, and is access-limited to select trained personnel. Vault humidity and temperature control systems are monitored 24/7 through an alarm system that provides e-mail and phone alerts in the event of a systems failure. RecordXpress’ state-of-the-art FIREFLEX® 1230 integrated system can be adapted for use in any mission-critical facility requiring a clean extinguishing agent that is not only fast and efficient, but also safe for people and the environment.

Additionally, our Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan drastically reduces the risk of your documents and/or assets from being damaged.

Convenient Rotation Services

Scheduled tape rotation is a must to protect your organization's valuable information. We offer various rotation service frequencies ranging from multi-daily, daily, evenings, weekends, on-demand, and more to meet your specific requirements.


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