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Medical record storage requires the highest level of sensitivity and professionalism. Healthcare professionals are entrusted by patients to protect their sensitive information in the form of physical and digital records that must be maintained for a long time. This is why we gear our  Offsite Document Storage  towards health agencies. Maintaining confidentiality, security, and adherence to strict government regulations is paramount in preserving patient confidence in Health Services Institutions.

Medical Record Storage

RecordXpress is adept at:
- medical records storage
- healthcare document storage
- healthcare data destruction
- medical records scanning
- storage of patient charts
- healthcare document shredding
- medical records fulfillment
- patient record storage
- medical document shredding
- medical document scanning services

Healthcare records management involves the navigation of a complex system of protocols and procedures to govern, maintain, and secure patient records throughout the data lifecycle - 10 years from the date of last entry (adult patient) or 2 years after the patient has reached the age of 18 (minor patient), whichever is longer. Having a qualified RIM partner helps safeguard compliance and simplifies the records management process while enabling high quality patient care, mitigating malpractice risks, and ensuring timely payment for services.  

RecordXpress complies with PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) and all Provincial privacy legislations (PIPA – BC, AB; Privacy Act – QC, PHIPA – ON; PHIPAA – NB; PIHA – NL; PHIA – NS; HIPA – SK) to offer secure and on-demand services through digital and delivery methods for a reasonable investment. Our industry-leading Records and Information Management system coupled with barcode tracking, GPS vehicle traceability, routine personnel background verification, and continuous training provides for a secure, reliable, and seamless client experience.

Medical and Healthcare Records Storage and Related Services

RecordXpress possesses the expertise and professional experience to provide a flexible and compliant solution suited to records management needs, while staying agile to adapt to evolving health regulations. We work closely with you to develop an efficient program that incorporates:

• Automatic streamline processes
• Regulatory compliance  
• Simple and easy access to records
• Competitive pricing

Some sector-specific storage types include:

• Open-Shelf Medical File Storage
• Archiving
• Medical Record Indexing
• X-ray Storage
• Climate-Controlled Vault Storage

Other related-service offerings include:

• File Room Clean-Outs
• EMR Conversion
• X-ray Recycling
• NAID-Certified Document Destruction
• Scan-on-Demand
• Indexing
• 24/7 Online Access through 'My Account' Web Portal
• Complimentary Viewing Room Usage
• Standard and Expedited Document Delivery

Our industry-leading Records and Information Management System coupled with barcode tracking, GPS vehicle traceability, routine personnel background verification, and continuous training provides for a secure chain-of-custody, resulting in a compliant, reliable and seamless client experience.

Physical and Electronic Data Destruction

Hard drives and various media storage devices within equipment, such as photocopiers, scanners, and computers, cache confidential and sensitive information about your clients.

Our ITAD (Information Technology Asset Disposition) specialists will develop a program consistent with your ESG (environmental, social, and governance) standards effectively and sustainably manages your EOL (end-of-life) hardware through NAID-certified destruction and recycling, or in combination with degaussing.

We also offer Secure Document Shredding Services that are perfectly geared towards disposing of highly confidential legal documents.


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