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What to do when you're low on space

What to do when you're low on space

January 15, 2024

There are many things to consider when managing storage solutions for your business.

In this, the fourth of a series of articles that are designed to assist businesses in their storage needs, we will delve into the options available to you when you start to become low on space.

Reevaluating the office

In our post-pandemic work environment, reevaluating office functionalities has become paramount. This includes a critical review of the management of paper documents, which, for various reasons, are still often stored onsite. Some of these documents necessitate retention for extended periods due to legal requirements. Others may have ongoing relevance to the organization. However, as we reimagine our future office setups, the challenge of managing physical documents and the space they occupy becomes increasingly significant.

The options you have

Two primary options are often deliberated upon. You can choose to scan all documents to enable access via the organization's chosen IM software. Alternatively, you can opt for offsite storage, with retrieval as needed.

The cost of scanning

The first option appears enticing, initially, until the reality of cost estimates sets in. Frequently, the expense associated with scanning extensive document collections appears to outweigh the perceived value of these documents—especially when considering that only a fraction of the collection might require future access.

Is physical storage the answer?

With that in mind, the more cost-effective alternative of offsite storage may be appealing, albeit the process of recalling a box and physically delivering it back to the office seems somewhat antiquated in this digital era.

A third option

However, there exists a third and innovative possibility -- you can scan only the documents you truly need! The challenge lies in determining which documents will be needed in the future—a predicament that can be addressed by engaging with your offsite storage provider and inquiring about their Scan on Demand services. Scan on Demand services offer an efficient approach. You can store your paper documents offsite at significantly lower costs compared to a full-scale scanning project.

There when you need it

When you require a specific file or document, you simply contact your offsite storage vendor to locate and scan it. The scanned document is then made accessible to you for download through a secure portal. This streamlined process is both faster and more cost-effective than physical delivery. With Scan on Demand services, you empower your organization to cut down on high scanning expenses while still reaping the advantages of document digitization.

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