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Smart document destruction

Smart document destruction

January 16, 2024

There are many things to consider when managing storage solutions for your business.

In this, second of a series of articles that are designed to assist businesses in their storage needs, we will delve into the final aspect of a document’s life cycle – its destruction.

The cost associated with the destruction of a document is not uniform. It differs from agreement to agreement. Understanding how to manage those costs is vital to effectively reducing your business's storage costs.

A document’s final disposition

Variable costs

Every document created by individuals, groups, or organizations follows a life cycle. When a paper document reaches the end of this cycle, its final disposition is its destruction. However, the cost to destroy your documents can vary significantly based on the terms and conditions of the agreement with your offsite document storage vendor. Not all agreements are created equally.

Potential additional fees

There will be a cost per box or cubic foot to destroy it. This should be obvious in the agreement. However, less obvious, are the potential additional fees that may be charged when you request your boxes to be destroyed.

Retrieval costs, encompassing the expenses related to locating your box in the warehouse and transporting it to the shredder, are one such fee. You may also need to pay a permanent removal fee or disposition fee that could double or triple the cost of the box destruction itself.

Seek written clarification

If your agreement does not clearly outline the fees associated with destroying a box, it's advisable to seek written clarification. Your offsite storage agreement is a legal document. It is vital to understand its terms and conditions.

Avoid unnecessary costs

Opting to destroy your documents by the law and your organization's requirements is best done sooner rather than later. Entrusting boxes to an offsite storage vendor instead of opting for immediate destruction can result in financial costs exceeding your expectations. Furthermore, retaining boxes beyond their legally mandated life cycle requirements might unnecessarily increase your organization's legal liability.

Best value for your organization

Understanding your offsite storage contract fees and how those fees may impact your organization is critical. Having a full understanding of your agreement allows you to compare vendor proposals effectively and secure the best value for your organization. RecordXpress can help you keep your storage and shredding costs in line. Follow us on Facebook to be alerted when our next article is published.