Vault Storage

Your Sensitive Records Deserve

to Be Taken Good Care of


What do you do with your documents and material that just requires extra security? What if it is aged material and requires specific climate control?

RECORDXPRESS has the solutions for your sensitive records:


  • CDs/CDRs
  • Backup Tapes/ Data Tapes/ Reel Tapes
  • Microfilm/ Microfiche
  • Source Codes
  • Escrow Services

Hard Copy Documents:

  • Wills
  • Title deeds
  • Confidential Contracts
  • Aged Ledgers
  • Etc.

Benefits to store your sensitive records off-site with RecordXpress media vault:

  • Diaster Prevention. We have security system in compliance with our “Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan” which could drastically reduce the probability of potential record lost.
  • Climate-controlled and limited access. Independent internal construction of cinder block and steel, our vault has limited access to key specially trained personnel, is climate controlled, acid and dust free and systems are monitored both manually and by automated systems.
  • Flexible storage terms. We can store on a short term, should your firm be going through renovations and you need every space available to you and you need  documents with ethical walls built around them stored, trust us to secure these for you.

You can feel confident that your documents have that extra touch of security, and are stored in the proper climate to last over the years protecting your business and your clients for years to come.