Offsite Document Storage

  • Cost-effective

Storing offsite at RecordXpress enables you to save your valuable time and office space, and utilize them for the core of your business.
If you currently store your records in a self-storage locker, we can help you reduce your storage cost up to 30-60%. You will enjoy our one-stop service solutions which include document storage, file retrieval, flexible delivery options, and records destruction. All while increasing control over your records.

  • Secure

Our Records Centre is specially designed for secure document storage. RecordXpress employs a state-of-the-art records management control system that allows fast, accurate and confidential filing, retrieval and re-filing of boxes or individual files. Our RecordXpress facility is equipped with security and fire prevention systems. Plus, an industry-leading Disaster Prevention and Recovery Plan that guarantees the safety of your information. RecordXpress utilizes barcode technology to keep track of all records at both box and file levels, depending on your needs.

  • Efficient & Easy Access

RecordXpress provides flexible, fast delivery, and pickup services to suit your needs. We will arrange for a pickup of boxes at your site and have them delivered directly to our secure facility. Broken boxes will be re-packed. Each box is labelled with a unique bar-code, which is cross-referenced with the box number and/or description. Boxes are then inventoried and scanned into our high-density storage system, then uploaded into our Inventory System. We provide you with an Inventory Report once transmission is completed. With our convenient 24-hour online access, your inventory is only a click away. Simply log onto our website, you will receive full control over your records. When the need for the retrieval of a box or file arises, you can contact us and we can locate and deliver to you within a day!