Other Records Management Services


The accession of New records into Storage

After the initial inventory is complete, the physical control of records is transferred from the client’s office to our storage facility. We then create a document receipt to accept records into our warehouse by box-level indexing, bar-coding, scanning into the inventory control system, and shelving.

Interfiling of Loose Documents or New Files into Existing Boxes

Clients may request that a new record be inserted into an existing record unit. Clients must provide the box number and/or file description that the item should be placed into.

Repackaging of torn, damaged or non-standard or irregular storage boxes

Service includes the box (with lifetime replacement guarantee), transfer of contents, re-writing the descriptive information, replacing bar codes, and correcting data base references.

Client Reports

RecordXpress provides client reports from our inventory control system based on client requirements. This service ensures the client’s control over the records management program. Reports can be mailed, faxed, or emailed.

Standardization of Record Series Names

Clients using several names for the same types of records may choose to homogenize the record series names for more efficient retrieval. Standardization is performed after an inventory and includes a sorted list of record series names, the number of record units in each series, a one hour consultation review, and correction of the database reference.