Document Scanning & Imaging

RecordXpress Document Imaging and Scanning Solutions provide a cost-effective service for businesses of all sizes and industries across Canada. With customer service at the forefront, we will work closely with you to develop a solution that will exceed your conversion requirements. Our team of experienced professionals will assess your current practices, and provide you with a range of options that will cater to your needs while working within your budget.

RecordXpress offers a full range of document and scanning services to help make your business run productively and efficiently:

  • Conversion of paper records to digital format
  • Scan on Demand
  • Data Backup (Disaster Recovery)

Document Digitization



If you have paper records that are accessed frequently or simultaneously by multiple users, scanning might be the solution for you. Scanning your paper records into a digital format will save you storage space, make the retrieval quicker, and will lower delivery fees.

Before the project begins, our knowledgeable team will discuss your current practices and requirements with you. We will provide you with suggestions and work with you to determine the best process to follow in your office going forward, as it pertains to file management. We will then scan your files into digital formats on your local computer or a flash disk. Alternatively, we can upload the files to our secure server. With our convenient 24-hour online access, you can view the existing files, upload new files, and scan new files into our inventory system.

This service is often used for medical records, for which must be stored for a minimum period of 10 years. In Accordance with current legislation, medical records must be stored in a safe and secure environment, to ensure physical and logical integrity and confidentiality. Physicians must develop records management protocols to regulate who may gain access to records. At a minimum, protocols must ensure that patient records, electronic or paper form, are readily available and legitimate use is required. That reasonable steps have been taken to ensure they are protected from theft, loss and unauthorized use or disclosure, (including copying, modification or disposal). This requirement applies regardless of whether the information is stored on-premises within the physician’s control or otherwise.

medical documents



If you don’t access your records very often, you may prefer a scan-on-demand option. This option allows you to scan only what you require when you need it. Scan-on-demand service allows you to electronically retrieve material within hours, in the event that you need it urgently. Scan-on-demand also helps you save on transportation fees and avoids the costs involved with scanning your entire inventory.


Accidents can happen. Companies should consider a Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan in the event of disaster. Such plans would consist of having their hard copy records digitized and stored electronically. If your company is considering a secure and cost-effective resolution to this, then “FILE BACKING” may be the solution for you.

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