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Document Scanning & Imaging

In an increasingly digitalized world, scanning your paper records into a digital format not only saves you storage space, it also makes access and retrieval quicker and more efficient, hence reducing your need for physical document delivery and storage services. Bulk scanning and indexing services offer several advantages for organizations looking to digitize their paper-based documents and records.

Here’s how:

Space Optimization: Paper documents require physical storage space, which can quickly become limited and expensive. By digitizing documents through bulk scanning and indexing services, organizations can free up valuable office space previously used for storage, allowing for more efficient use of real estate.

Improved Accessibility and Retrieval: Digitized documents are easily accessible from any location with an internet connection, making it easier for employees to retrieve and share information for effective collaboration. With bulk document scanning and digitalization, organizations can create searchable digital archives, enabling faster and more efficient document retrieval compared to manual searching through paper files. This is also useful in facilitating seamless collaboration and workflow efficiency, especially among remote teams

.➔ Regulatory Compliance: Document scanning services enable organizations to create electronic copies of paper documents, which can help to facilitate compliance with complex regulatory standards and reduce the risk of non-compliance penalties when it comes to the proper classification, retention, storage and retrieval of documents.

Preservation of Records for Business Continuity: Paper documents are vulnerable to loss or damage due to aging or environmental factors, therefore organizations with valuable records can benefit from bulk scanning services to preserve and protect these documents for future reference. Document scanning also ensures long-term accessibility of these records as organizations can create reliable backups for disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Such document scanning service is often used for medical records, which must be stored in a safe and secure environment for a minimum period of 10 years, in accordance with the current legislation. Strict records management protocols are established to both restrict access and ensure efficient accessibility for legitimate use. Therefore, it requires professional document scanning and indexing services to ensure the security, confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of the records through the years.

What We Offer

At RecordXpress, our team of experienced professionals works closely with businesses of all sizes and from all industries to develop a range of document scanning and indexing services, customized to their existing practices, needs and budgets. Our full range of document scanning and digitization solutions offers:

Optical Character Recognition or OCR scanning services certified by the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) to convert physical documents into editable and searchable digital files. Our OCR scanning service can accurately extract text from scanned documents to allow users to easily search and retrieve their files by performing keyword searches, hence saving time and improving productivity, especially across large document collections.

Scan-on-demand service that allows you to scan only what you require when you need it, so you can retrieve your electronic files within hours, should you need them urgently. If you don’t access your records very often, you may prefer this option and avoid the cost of scanning your entire inventory.

Data or file backup as part of your disaster recovery plan to digitize all hard-copy documents and store them electronically in case of disasters or accidents to prevent the complete loss of records.

Total security with all scanned data stored on our local servers within Canadian borders and monitored by our expert IT support team. Redundant backup systems are also mirrored three times in server farms across the country.

Harnessing the digital technology of tomorrow, our scalable document scanning and indexing services cater to all businesses to support them in their digital transformation journey.

What We Do

1- Understand your current practices and discuss your document scanning needs, compliance requirements and records retention policies.

2- Suggest suitable document scanning and indexing services based on your existing archival protocols to ensure effective file

3- management that fits your current processes

4- Scan and index your files in digital format. You can choose for us to:
- store them in an electronic storage medium, i.e., USB flash drive; or
- upload them to our secure FTP server that allows 24-hour online access for you to view, upload and scan new files into our inventory system


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