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DESTROYIT Shredder (Model 2604)

Dimensions: 36.5" x 22.5" x 18.5" with an empty weight of 123 lbs. Capacity: 26 Gallon. The Destroyit 2604 cross cut shredder is a great mid-sized office shredder that packs a ton of features onto a smaller frame. At a rate of 18 feet per minute, the 2604 shreds up to 14 sheets at a time through its 10 ¼” feed opening to produce security Level 4 shred. P-5/Level 4 Cross Cut Shredding offers a more secure solution to paper shredding. Even though its a more secure shred size, it offers some faster shred speed than the high security models. With a particle size less than 30mm2. Its high quality hardened steel cutting shafts come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer to guarantee their quality and easily shred through staples, paper clips, CDs and credit cards. The 2604’s powerful yet quiet single phase motor is rated for continuous operation and the “twin drive system” is sturdy and stored in a dust-proof gear enclosure. The shredder cabinet is made from quality wood and is mounted on casters for convenience. Inside, a 26 gallon shred bin is housed and is easily accessible for emptying. The Destroyit 2604 shredder also has several features that set it apart. The “SPS” (Safety Protection System) has an electronically-controlled transparent protective shield that covers the feed opening and prevents anything but intended materials from being shredded. Should the shield be lifted, the shredder will quickly and automatically shut off. The “Easy Switch” control element is an oversized rocker switch that allows for quick reversal or shut off of the shredder feed. It also features three LED-lit colored icons that indicate operational statuses. Should the cabinet door be open, the shred bin full or there be a paper jam, the shredder will turn off; the Easy Switch allows the user to quickly assess what the problem is and fix it. Finally, the “ECC” (Electronic Capacity Control) indicates visually how hard the shredder is working to handle the current load and helps prevent paper jams. Importantly, the 2604 cross cut shredder also comes complete with an automatic oiler. The oiler detects on its own when the shredder needs to be oiled, removing the hassle of manual oiling and keeping the shredder working at its absolute best.


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