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175G E-Waste Cart

Dimensions: 37.5" x 48" x 30.5" with an empty weight of 88 lbs. Capacity: 600 lbs. The 175G Shred Cart is large enough to fit your needs. Despite its size and load capacities it is still easy to move around your facility. With 6" caster wheels and a 31” width, the narrow design allows it to go through most doorways and is ideal for the collection of all electronics. The cart can be easily maneuvered in any direction to fit into the tightest spaces and through most doorways. Two of the caster wheels feature foot brakes to ensure the cart remains stationary even when positioned on an incline. These features make this cart a good choice for large facilities and institutions needing to move large amounts of material. Our carts come with 2 hasps and an e-waste opening.

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