Who Needs Us

Records are taking up too much expensive office space?

Moving your documents to RecordXpress is like expanding your office without moving. Rather than paying expensive rent for increasing document storage, you save precious space and costs for your core business.

Can’t find a document when you need it? Wasting valuable time on retrieving records?

Poorly managed documents is a waste of your time. RecordXpress employs barcode tracking technology and state-of-the-art inventory system software. Our document specialists can find your files quickly and easily. Our real time on-line access, enhances your control over your important documents, saving you time and manpower for your key business activities.

Valuable records — the dangers of theft, lost, flood and fire

Our surveillance and alarm systems protect your records from theft. Our leading bar-code tracking technology keeps track of your records at box and file level, for fast and easy access. Our fire prevention system in conjunction with our preparatory “Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan”, drastically reduces the probability of potential record lost.

Don’t know how to control access to sensitive records?

RecordXpress grants access only to authorized users provided by you. Our user identification procedures protect your critical records from unauthorized access. You can assign different access levels to your authorized users so you have better internal control of the access of your records.

Pressure from regulation compliance and litigation avoidance needs?

Document management is heavily regulated. RecordXpress provides a consultation service to help you develop a records retention strategy complying with legislation and regulations.

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